Divorce Analysis

Going through a divorce is never easy. Dealing with the pressing financial issues that come along with it make it even more overwhelming. While often an afterthought, securing a financial planner, specifically a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), as part of the divorce process is paramount to a more seamless process as well as the chance of a more favorable outcome, quicker resolution, and more cost-effective case.

The reason is simple. Divorce entails the untangling and the division of assets. Achieving a fair and favorable outcome requires expertise in personal finance, something that attorneys and mediators are not educationally well-equipped for. Lawyers are experts in law, not personal finance. While an attorney is there to guide clients through the legalities of divorce, their knowledge and training in the economics of divorce usually falls outside their professional scope. A divorce planner offers expert analysis, litigation support, and important resources to help both client and their attorney determine future effects of financial decisions made during the divorce process. Additionally, when a divorce financial analyst is the organizer of information, there is greater possibility for a more efficient negotiation process and creative settlement opportunities. 

Our divorce financial planning team is experienced, qualified, and expertly trained to empower clients to make the best-informed decisions based on their individual cases. Decisions that are often clouded by emotional distress. We help provide the clarity our clients need to view their situation more clearly, leading to better decisions. Clients can expect an ethical approach and clear explanations to their financial options in detail. We help them set priorities with life altering issues divorces bring including:

  • Tax planning, problems, and solutions
  • Financial impact of spousal and child support
  • Retirement assets and planning
  • Employee compensation and benefits
  • Economic forecasting
  • Estate planning, and dividing property
  • Risk management 

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst applies the principles and methods of traditional financial planning, whether it be in litigation, mediation, collaboration, or cooperation and include:

  • Identifying short and long-term effects of property division while evaluating insurance needs and solutions to tax issues.
  • Analyzing potential pension and retirement plan issues and project rates of return and inflation.
  • Determining affordability of residences including marital home or alternatives.
  • Providing creative and innovative approach to settling cases and evaluate financial effect of any divorce settlement scenarios.

When should a divorce financial planner come into the process? The earlier the better to limit the possibility of a situation spiraling out of control. Early involvement can offer immediate stabilization for issues such as paying abilities, changing insurance policy beneficiaries, closing accounts, or establishing credit. Early participation is also extremely beneficial during the discovery phase, the collection of accurate, comprehensive and trustworthy data that is critical for any case. Having proper data collection, while time consuming, should not be left to a legal professional. The earlier the discovery is initiated, the more thorough it will be and the better off the client will be.



This information is not intended to be a substitute for individualized legal advice. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.

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